Don’t procrastinate a decision

I watched the movie Limitless recently—remeber that one? About the guy who takes a pill and has access to 100% of his brain (instead of the mythical 10 or 20%). I’ve seen it before, but this time, I had to wonder what really made this movie attractive. Why did I like it, and what made it a […]

How busy-ness is a gift

I’d call myself ambitious. Or at least, I have lofty goals. This isn’t a bad thing, even though it sometimes gets a bad rap in Christian circles (“make it your ambition to lead a quiet life” is one of those abused verses). But one thing I haven’t done well is execution. Whether it was paralysis […]

We Are Not Finished

Cynicism is not your only choice. America is so much more than the president. I’m voting for Gary Johnson. “So you’re throwing away your vote?” No, I’m choosing to not be cynical. Johnson would not make a good president. I know he has no shot. I’m choosing him because I want to send a signal to […]

Healthy Ambition

The term “ambition” gets a bad rep in some circles, and I get why. Ambition becomes a byword for doing what you want at the expense of caring for others, taking advantage of the meek, and cheating to get ahead. But this is not what ambition is supposed to mean (and our fear of ambition may be one […]

Pace > Race

At this stage of life, the beginning of one’s career, there are two mindsets one could have. On the one hand, the world says to gun ahead, get as much territory as you can, and let your hunger drive you. On the other, the inner voice says to obey your heart, know yourself, and understand […]

Rivers > Rain

If you ever come to a choice between a river or rain, choose the river. Let me explain. Rain is an event. It comes in seasons, and in varying capacities. It falls everywhere, and you can’t do a thing about it. You can’t make it come, and you can’t make it go away. Rivers are a […]

Choose Your Suffering

Fun fact: pain is unavoidable. Sorry, was that not fun? Let’s try again. Fun fact: most of the time, we can choose what kind of pain we get. We all start out in different places in life, but all end up facing the same choices: will you stay at home or go, take the career path on the right or left, these […]